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Auto Glass Tinting in St. Louis, MO

Are you tired of others being able to look into your vehicle? When you're concerned about your safety and the safety of the contents of your car, update your vehicle's windows with affordable auto glass tinting to keep prying eyes from looking in. For more than 10 years, the technicians at Custom Illusions have completed every type of tinting service, including tints on entire fleets of vehicles. There is no job too large or too small for auto glass tinting in St. Louis, MO.


Value Adding Features from Auto Glass Tinting

Keeping your vehicle safe isn't the only advantage of auto glass tinting. You'll instantly start reaping all types of benefits with this value added update. The work our professionals complete is always done according to the tinting laws designated by the state of Missouri. Your new, legal tint will provide you with additional features that include:

  • Reduced Glare
  • Blocked UV Rays
  • Deterring Thieves
  • Less Interior Fading
  • Less Strain on Your Eyes
  • Cooler Temperature Inside
  • More Privacy while Driving
  • Decreased Chance of Sunburn

Truck Glass Tinting for Your Vehicle

Give your truck the upgrade it deserves when you bring it to our professionals for tinting. Talk with one of our technicians about having your windows tinted according to your darkness specifications. Because the front side windows legally need to be lighter than the back and side windows, you can choose two shades, or one, for truck or car windows.

We Provide Automotive Window Tinting for Car Fleets

Whether you are a dealer, provide vehicles for clients, or own a rental car company, our team of experts can tint the windows of every vehicle in your fleet. Our company offers both mobile tinting services and tinting at our own location. We tint your vehicles at your convenience and stagger the service so you always have vehicles that can be used as the service is completed.

Our affordable pricing makes it convenient for you to book you entire fleet's window tinting with our experts. In addition, we regularly add paint protection films for companies committed to preserving the paint color on their vehicles.

Improve your vehicle today and contact us for auto glass tinting of all of your windows.
We are convenient to clients in St. Louis, Clayton, Chesterfield, Sunset Hills, and Creve Coeur, MO.